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sarracenia, sarracenia plants sale, carnivorous plants, venus flytrap, dionaea muscipula Sarracenia Is your hobby growing carnivorous Sarracenia or Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Flytraps), mine is too, so on this site you will find sarracenia plants sale and photographs of my collection. This site is my grow list and wish list and I try to help other growers expand their collections by selling surplus plants at reasonable prices. I have also added a new section for my collection of Venus Flytraps and I have included my wish list as I want to expand my Dionaea collection.

Sales list Spring 2016

The Sarracennia sales list is now closed until the autumn. Many of the Venus Flytraps on my VFT grow list are available for exchange only at this time, please see my wish list, I will start selling vft's in 2017.
My email address is at the foot of this page.

My grow lists

The pages in this site contain my photographic grow lists, which I have split into pages for the various species and hybrids. I divide plants when I need to and sell off surplus plants at reasonable prices. I also love growing hybrids from seed, some that I buy in and others that I hand pollinate. I have maybe 2,000 seedlings at various stages and many of my own hybrids that have reached maturity, some of these are lovely plants, which makes the collection quite different from many others. My collection is housed in a 32' x 10' (10m x 3m) greenhouse which gets very good levels of sunlight from March to November. I have rainwater storage capacity of in excess of 4,000 litres, but I still get short of water when we have a prolonged dry spell.

The site contains pictures of many plants, these are all from my collection and are of plants of different ages and at different times of the year. They are labeled with the names under which they were bought by me.

I have a fair size collection of Sarracenia if you spot something in my grow list that you'd like just let me know, I may be able to help you.

If you're looking to buy then visit the Sarracenia sale page for sarracenia plants for sale, then drop me an email.

I buy my greenhouses from:

The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company

Incredibly good service, highly recommended if you're in the market for a new greenhouse. This is mine below, it started life as 10' x 10', was extended to 26' x 10' and in July 2011 was extended again to 32' x 10'. All I need now is a wide angle lens!

My other hobby

This is Castle Combe track day on 16th May 2016, in my Lotus Elise 111s with 2.3l S W Lotus Duratec conversion. Probably the most event filled track day video I've ever had. I should explain that it is early in the day and I am obeying that track day overtaking rules. Overtaking is only permitted in the straights and only by consent. When caught by a faster car the front driver, on the next straight, should move to the left, indicate left and lift off the throttle, allowing the other car to pass safely. More drivers seem to be ignoring this rule than obeying it. I should add that Subaru drivers don't bother to wait. You'll see a lot of this rule being broken. Spin means in. Take note of the blue car facing the wrong way in Bobbies, is it the same car that nearly gets clobbered in the Esses about 12 minutes in? Finally, a new rule I've just made up. When entering the fastest part of the track with four cars lined up waiting to pass you, don't suddenly drop your speed to 10mph just because the guy in front of you has been black flagged, you might have a Lotus in your boot if the driver isn't alert (see last part of video). Castle Combe Circuit, can you put some blue flags at each end of the pit wall please?

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